Custom Virtual Infrastructure Solutions

We provide custom IT Solutions services

Through our custom IT Solutions, we can make websites and blogs highly available using database replication, load balancers and our world-class virtual private server network. We can also provide high availability to applications like cPanel servers and Bookstack.

  • Database Replication & Clusters
  • Load Balancers
  • Private & Secure Networks
  • VPS Hosting
  • WordPress High Availability
  • cPanel High Availability
  • Custom Operating Systems

Why Choose Us?

Global VPS Network

Manage virtual servers in multiple locations from a single control panel. Configure private networks. Add more resources. Mount ISOs. Trusted to deliver virtual services since 2003

DDoS Protection

We protect thousands of servers against DDoS attacks at the PoP (Point of Presence). Keeping malicious DDoS traffic off the network and customers' servers online.

Affordable Servers

Virtual services are designed to be affordable by nature. Prices start from £4.99 /month with discounts available for bulk orders of multiple virtual servers in multiple locations.

Proactive Support

We proactively monitor the hardware that powers our virtual network. Our team is on hand 24x7 to respond to Emergencies and general support is provided during office hours.

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