VPS Hosting In the UK.

A VPS Server in the UK powered by our purpose-built London data centre.

UK VPS Servers are housed in a state-of-the-art, purpose-built data centre that was completed in 2022. UK VPS Servers benefit from automated backups and snapshots. Additionally, it's possible to connect a UK VPS Server to a VPS Server located in France. Allowing secure sharing of information over our internal network

Additional IPs & Subnets

Attach a maximum of 64 public IPs per VPS Server in the UK. It's possible to attach the same IPs to multiple virtual servers for High Availability.

Hot-Swappable Resources

Assign extra CPU, RAM and Hard Drives to UK VPS Servers without the need to reboot. Extra resources can be used for free if removed by midnight.

Network Firewall

Configure Firewall rules on the host your UK VPS server is powered by. For Enterprise users we can configure managed firewall rules at the PoP.

Custom Control Panel

We've been designing our virtual server control panel for years. Adding features requested by customers like KVM/IP, network reconfiguration and ISO support.

Dale Phillips
Network Manager

Choose a VPS plan to customize its resources.

VPS Hosting and Servers In United Kingdom.

Hardware Configuration
VPS Three
VPS Four
  • Installed vCores & CPU
    1x AMD Ryzen
    2x AMD Ryzen
    4x AMD Ryzen
    6x AMD Ryzen

    The AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900X is a powerhouse among gamers, creators, and professionals. Whether you’re building an application or tackling creative workloads, the Ryzen 9 delivers the performance you deserve.

  • Installed RAM
    1 GB
    5 GB
    8 GB
    10 GB

    Overclocked RAM to 2400 MHz leading to an immediate boost in system performance. Applications load faster, and multitasking becomes more efficient

  • Installed Hard Drive(s)
    1x 10GB NVMe
    1x 50GB NVMe
    1x 150GB NVMe
    1x 250GB NVMe

    Don't be fooled by providers that use SATA NVMe storage. Premium PCIe storage from Samsung for maximum speed benefits. Attach additional drives or expand the space of the main drive on the next page.

  • Connection Speed
    100 MBPS
    250 MBPS
    500 MBPS
    1 GBPS

    Maximum outgoing and incoming connection speed. Upgrade to 1 GBPS on the VPS configuration page.

  • Bandwidth
    2 TB
    4 TB

    Amount of outgoing traffic included per month.

  • IPs & Subnets
    1x IPv4/IPv6
    1x IPv4/IPv6
    1x IPv4/IPv6
    1x IPv4/IPv6

    Order additional IPs and Subnets. A maximum of 64 IPv4 can be attached per server. This limit can be increased in some cases.

  • Control Panel

    Our custom control panel to manage your virtual server in Canada. Reinstall, reboot, and reconfigure your CA VPS from the client area.

  • Hot-Swappable Resources

    Add additional hardware to your CA VPS Server on the fly. Attach more CPUs, RAM and Hard Drives without rebooting. Additional resources can be used for free if removed before midnight that day.

  • Private Networking

    Connect to other VPS Servers in Canada over our fast and secure internal network.

  • ISO Support

    Mount OS images in .iso format from your control panel. 

  • Bring Your Own OS

    Provide your own Operating System in .iso format and use that to boot other virtual servers in Canada. A setup fee applies.

  • DDoS Protection

    Proven to protect CA VPS Servers from up to 1.7 TBs of DDoS traffic.

  • Monthly Cost

    Commit to a 12-month contract to save an additional 15%.

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